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Eve-Lily is a maximalist fashion enthusiast, influencer and stylist based in Manchester, UK. Best known for her fashion-forward thinking, creative video edits and relatable GRWMs, her content inspires young women across the globe to leave their comfort zones and start dressing for their true selves. Providing her audience with a boost in confidence, a style education and bags of outfit inspo. 

Eve rose to fame at the start of 2021 for her viral 'Front Row Fashion' series that showcased her ability to turn thrifted and affordable clothing into high fashion outfits. Eve continued on her upward trajectory as she refined her style and started to enter the luxury space, working with brands such as Coach, Louboutin and Selfridges, while also sticking to her thrifting roots by partnering with pre-loved apps such as Vestiaire and Depop. 

After only two years in the influencer industry, Eve's following has grown to over 530k on TikTok and over 410k on Instagram. She credits this to the versatility, authenticity, and virality of her content that keeps her followers engaged and invested and sustains her rise in online presence. 

Eve-Lily regularly attends fashion weeks across the globe which is where her flare for styling really shines through. She has featured in Vogue, Elle, Pause Online, Cosmopolitan, Haper's Bazaar and more for her fashion week streetstyle and was Copenhagen Fashion Week's third top influencer for Media Impact Value in August 2023 - Launch Metrics. Eve also offers personal styling services to others for day to day wear, shoots & events.

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Personal Biography

Eve was born in Greenwich, London and raised in Nottingham after relocating when her parents split at age 4.

Eve excelled academically, achieving 11 GCSEs grade A* - B, before studying music full time at Clarendon College Nottingham where she was awarded Triple Distinction* in Popular Music Performance. At 18, Eve moved to London to study Creative Musicianship at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), here, she fronted rock bands, composed and produced her own solo dream pop EP and managed live events. Eve graduated in 2018 with a First Class Honours Degree and within 1 year had secured her first job in the industry as Marketing Manager at London based live music agency 'Talentbanq'.

In 2020 Covid had a devastating impact on the live events industry and while Eve remained the only non-furloughed employee at Talentbanq, she was now working from home. Without the requirement to be in London anymore, she made the move to Torre Del Mar, Spain in July 2020 and worked full time from her sea view apartment.  It was here that Eve was reminded of her love of thrifting as she began to explore what the Spanish charity shops had to offer, in love with her finds, she created a TikTok account to showcase her pre-loved style.  Eve's following quickly grew and in March 2021, despite not having received a single paid brand deal yet, she left Talentbanq to pursue fashion influencing full time; a risk that thankfully paid off. 

At the beginning of 2022 Eve returned to the UK and started a new life for herself and her Rocky Horror Cats (they're named after Rocky Horror Picture Show characters) in Manchester where she met her boyfriend / personal photographer / cat dad, Fin. Fin accompanies Eve to Fashion weeks as her photographer as well as assisting with content creation in their shared Manchester home. 
Despite her success and maximalist wardrobe, Eve has always suffered with extreme social anxiety, a lack of confidence , loneliness and Body Dysmorphic disorder. As a self-proclaimed 'shy girl' she shares her  struggles and documents her journey to becoming more confident on her podcast 'Shy', this is her place for rawness, honesty and vulnerability and she hopes to help both herself and others by sharing her failures, successes and discoveries along the way.

Now, in her mid 20s, Eve is focusing on elevating her content and progressing in both the Influencer and Fashion Industries, however she is also a proud crazy-cat-lady who values time with her furry children and boyfriend as much as her strong work ethic.
 After years of striving to be 'the best' she has now learnt to prioritise her health and happiness and that there is more to life than having the most followers or being the best dressed (although she usually is).
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